Why you shouldn’t purchase a helmet online

How many horror love stories have you ever come across about dating through the internet? A person is able to become anyone they desire to be on the internet. However, once you have a meet with them, the reality usually doesn’t meet your expectation. As a consequence, it is your waste of time getting to know and conversing with those who is figured out later to be a wrong person for you. So purchasing helmets online is similar to online dating. If that guy posted his photoshop photo on his dating profile and a variety of meaningless info about him that makes you confused, then the same thing goes for helmets. Buying a helmet online, for example, hjc cl 16 brand of online helmets, may left you less chance of getting the best one that suits you best.

There are thousands of articles writing about how to take your head’s measure, how a particular helmet fits and the list goes on, but if you do not physically try on a helmet in person, you will never get pick one that has a right fit I promise. Here are some reasons why you should not purchase the helmet online:

  • Expert advice: it is true that there are not the same 2 helmets which are made equally. Assuming you come into a helmet store that has pretty good customer service, the dealer will have the ability to explain some of your questions and meet your either general or specific demands such as, what does kind of bikes you ride? Or what features are you looking for? And so on. These are some considerations you should take into account when it comes to buying the helmet with the right fit for you. There are plenty of other essential questions you need to figure out before making a purchase.
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How to maintain your Honda motorcycle

To ensure the safety when riding a motorcycle, choosing the best helmet for example the Bluetooth full face helmet is not enough, you should take care of your vehicle as well such as the maintenance.

The importance of maintenance

A well-maintained motorcycle is the factor to ensure the safety, economics and peace of mind when driving. In addition, it also helps reduce environmental pollution.

To facilitate your reference about the items, check periodically for vehicles produced by Honda, we would like to summarize the items to be tracked km and the appropriate number of months of use, corresponding to the time check at the store commissioned by Honda. These guidelines are based on the assumption that the Honda will be used for the right purposes as designed.

If your vehicle usually has collision, take your Honda to the shop because of Honda’s mandate to be checking the main parts, and perform repairs (if necessary).

The Honda care takes effort and time; however, it offers a lot of value. Here are 7 points noted in order to maintain the ability to work effectively.

1. Cleaning

The shiny Honda brings the beauty and increased self-confidence to the owner. To keep the original freshness, consider investing in detergent and water. The harsh detergents in the Honda industry will make rusty, fast paint to color. In addition to polishing to keep the motorcycle just like the factory.

Each has its own ways of cleaning. But the beginning is built on the tripod between spinning wheel to be hard, and twist the transfer station. Spray the bleach into the Honda and use the brush clean rags. It should be cleaned regularly to keep the new car.

2. Care saddle

Rain and sun exposure, saddle quickly faded and aging. Although the chassis is not tainted, but would not be good if the saddle looks old and damaged. Before cleaning, use compressed air to blow away dirt. If this step is skipped, the surface of the skin will be scratched by dirt. After blasting, using dedicated Honda cleaners. Detergents containing alkaline or acid will cause skin discoloration, item. Then clean with water and detergent foam, dry your last step.

If there are any signs of cover discoloration, the simple methods are used polish derived from petroleum.

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10 parts need to check when buying older cars Honda

Buying a used Honda car in particular saying and any other auto kinds in general is a way to save financial resources, but you should check carefully the parts deftly lest, you are prone to waste your money. To make everything more convenient, you can consider picking up a Actron CP9670 which is seemed as one of the best obd2 scanner types available now on the market. This tool is very useful to be integrated on all vehicles to monitor the activities of important parts in the engine.Actron scanner

However, before applying this tool, you should also check some essential parts to ensure the safety. Expert advice for people to buy used Honda cars should come with a person who has technical understanding of the car, experience and their knowledge will help you to evaluate the best overall vehicle. Here are 10 sections which are seemed to be deceptively simple but a lot of people usually ignore when buying a used Honda car.

1. The body

Checking bodywork is the first thing you should do when approaching with an old car. Check the paint, flatness, curvature of the crust and rusty level are the factors that can be seen through the naked eye to identify the longevity or durability of the vehicle.

2. The tires and suspension

Check the resistance of tires whether or not the tire pressure is qualified or not, have to be replaced or not to negotiate the price factor. Suspension system is also equally important, try running the vehicles on various types of terrain to test the response.

3. The car lights

The lighting system is essential when moving through the area at night or fog, or rain. Previous next headlights, brake lights and signal lights will need to be tested brightness, but also beam lamp life.

4. The console

Control panel with buttons or touchscreen requires the accuracy; provides complete information needed about the state the car and moving journey. Try all of the even the smallest buttons such as volume, switch tracks to make sure that all parts of the vehicle are operating smoothly together.

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What are the differences between Honda Accord Hybrid 2015 and Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2016?

Coming alone with the development of human life, the need in vehicles is getting more and more, especially cars. To buy a car for your own is very important because not only it is rather expensive but also for the transportation purpose. Making comparisons between many kinds of car is very essential as it will help you find out which is the better. In this article, we will make the comparison between the Honda Accord Hybrid 2015 and the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 2016 which are also the two hybrid sedans with the features fierce competing with each other.

The Exterior

Wear dark blue sea with the fire-H Honda Accord Hybrid 2015 which is erected many new features comparing to samples typically Accord. The front grille of the vehicle is unique, some badges exquisite authenticity are a motorized sedan hybrids.

Facing with the Accord Hybrid Sonata Hybrid 2015 is 2016 but also carries H lie. Apparently the mid range sedan is produced by Korean car makers very prominently. Like the Accord, Sonata Hybrid has a few badges to reveal to customers that this is the series hybrid vehicles rather conventional gasoline engines. The wheel is also in exclusive categories. Front and rear with a gentle little changed compared with the Sonata generally, to improve the aerodynamic performance of the Sonata Hybrid vehicles help prevent wind generation reached only 0.24-a level comparable to cars Tesla Model S.

In terms of style, the Sonata also has superiority over the bar by the elegant chrome surround grille and headlights and fog lights of the vehicle.

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Honda Air Blade 2016 Review

Air New Blade Design owns sports styling and angular. This is considered as the largest rejuvenate scooter model of Honda Men ever.

Since it was first released on the market, the scooter model line for men – Air Blade has undergone 5 generations. Air Blade almost becomes one symbol of Honda for scooters in many countries. And with each new vehicle generation launched, Air Blade is a lot sought from the user, so the new Air Blade 125 in 2016 is no exception. The changes in each version gradually rejuvenate most bold in the newly introduced 2016 model.

Surely the first things to look at the overall vehicle of the Air Blade 2016 are first noticed. For those who are running the older versions of Air Blade, 2014, glimpse, the driver does not recognize the bold styling, soft features, instead of the smaller new Air Blade, angular, sinewy and bunkers. The shortened length and reduced size version of the vehicle compared to AB 2015 has led to the vehicle AB 2016 becomes thinner lot no longer felt like the vehicle was too big but short blow. New face of the clock as well as the taillights is redesigned to be sportier than the previous versions so much.

The biggest change in the design is shown in the front of the new Air Blade. Compared to the old version, the new mask has been scaled down. Front headlights set low, the cavity edge and more LED strip daytime lighting. With LED lighting and positioning, the new Air Blade is quite prominent in daylight and clear visibility at night.

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Top the fastest cars of Honda

Honda is one of the famous car manufacturer Japanese markets. The fastest cars of Honda deserve attention. In it, prominent was the Honda NSX Type-R with acceleration to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds.

Together we roll top 10 the fastest cars from Japanese brands produced:

1.     Honda Prelude Type SH (1996 – 2001)

To accelerate to 100 km / h just 6,7s with this very significant figure officiate with coupe launched 20 years ago by Honda. The sports car equipped with a 2.2 16-valve, DOHC VTEC 197 hp out and achieve a maximum speed of 225 km / h.

Honda Prelude Type SH is the version equipped with the more advanced version of the sport, with the Prelude Type S version of the sample premium Prelude also only be sold in the North American market.

2.     Honda Civic Type-R for the European market (2006 – 2011)

The cars were produced from mid-2000, Honda Civic Type-R older generation is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in just 6.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 235 km / h, thanks to equip 2.0 engine, generating 198 horsepower and maximum torque of 194 Nm.

3.     Honda Prelude Si VTEC (1991 – 1996)

With the use of motor vehicles 2.2 and is equipped with VTEC technology, Honda Prelude Si VTEC generate maximum power of 197 hp and maximum torque of 220 Nm. The car is quite “elderly” is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h takes just 6.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 238 km / h.

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Review Honda City 2016

Honda City 2016 is upgraded and equipped with many safety features help to increase competitiveness with rivals in the sedan segment B. The sale price announced for the new version, not substitution unchanged from earlier versions

The new gadget on the Honda City 2016

  • Boot mode by buttons: help the driver easily start or stop the engine without the key in the lock investigation
  • Modern smart key: no tap open button on the key when you want to car
  • Electric rear view mirror, electric folding and integrated turn signal
  • Integrated steering wheel audio control buttons, hands free mode and trigger switch sports
  • Opened the trunk button integrated on the luggage compartment lid offers maximum convenience for customers

Safety upgrades on the Honda City 2016

Mode horizontal support steep departure HSA: car not help when the driver drifted backward move from the brake to the accelerator pedal when the car is stopped at the back slope, help the driver peace of mind and confidence in the supply ramps or click overhang, increase safety. This is a feature normally only fitted to the C segment cars or more.

Electronic balance system offers VSA that helps stabilize the car when cornering car, helping the car being thrown (large crabs) or locked (small crabs) in addition to the driver’s wishes. VSA also supports maintaining vehicle traction when accelerating in slippery road conditions. VSA normally fitted to the vehicle segment C or higher.

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5 outstanding points on the Honda Air Blade 2016

Air Blade 125cc 2016 Honda launched recently have been getting a lot of attention of vehicle lovers. 2016 version of the Honda Air Blade brings a completely new design, the engine block is improved fuel economy, and integrating modern technologies bring a whole new experience for the user. With personality design, strong angular lines and masculine, Honda Air Blade 125 2016 directly aims to today’s youth. If you are interested in this new line of Honda vehicles, please refer to the 2016 Air Blade review details below for more information Light: Honda retains ESP 125cc engine but capacity is increased, 3 kg weight reduction and also looks changed markedly.

Here are 5 new on this model.

1. The full LED headlight clusters

Air Blade 2016 version equipped with LED lighting throughout the front. LED technology helps increase light levels while saving power than halogen lamps or traditional bi-xenon lamps.

Meanwhile, the 3rd Air Blade using dual projector headlights, allowing 2 simultaneous lighting ball in 2 modes (close projection – beam).

In addition, LED headlamps on the 4th generation Air Blade helps header streamlined, less than 24% compared to the previous generation. LED technology is not new but yet not many vehicles use. Besides, on the sports version also LEDs arranged around the key into the lock helps drive easily in the dark.

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